Last update: 15th of September 2015. These Terms of Use come into force immediately for WebServiceMarketing website, webpages and blog users from this date and shall come into force on 15th of September 2015 for previous businesses and users who already have used Baptiste Marketing Limited websites or services.

Terms of Use govern the use of websites provided by Baptiste Marketing Ltd Company. By accessing or using the company’s website or webpages, you agree to these Terms of Use and have a contract that legally binds you to the Baptiste Marketing Limited company. Do not access the company’s website and webpages if you do not wish to be bound by this company’s Terms of Use.

1. Definitions
  • Parties
“You”, “Your”, Yours” refer to you as a WebServiceMarketing website user. A user is defined as any individual accessing Baptiste Marketing Limited Company website or webpage. “We”, “Us”, “Our”, “Ours” refer to Baptiste Marketing Limited company.
  • Content
“Content” refers to texts, pictures, photographs, location data and any other form of data or communication.
  • Services
“Services” refers to any service offered by WebServiceMarketing, which is a brand of Baptiste Marketing Limited.
  • WebServiceMarketing Platforms
WebServiceMarketing brand “platforms” refers to all means of communication used by the Baptiste Marketing Limited company as mentioned in the company’s charter. “Means of communication” refers to all Baptiste Marketing Limited company’s websites, webpages and blog.
  • WebServiceMarketing
WebServiceMarketing is a brand of Baptiste Marketing Limited; it refers to the Company and is governed by the same Terms of Use.

2. Modifications of Terms of Use
We reserve the right to update the Terms of Use. We will indicate at the top of this webpage the last update date. For optimal use of the website and the services offered by the company Baptiste Marketing Limited, we advise you to consult and regularly read the Terms and Conditions as you are required to comply with the latest version.

3. Translation of Terms of Use
Our interns may be able to translate the Terms of Use in foreign languages for the purpose of convenience.

4. WebServiceMarketing brand’s Websites, webpages and blog use
  • WebServiceMarketing platforms accessibility
If you want to use WebServiceMarketing platforms, you have to be at least 18 and have the necessary authority to accept these Terms of Use. You must not access to WebServiceMarketing platforms if you are our direct or indirect competitor.
  • Use
We offer you to use WebServiceMarketing platforms abiding by the terms of use. We are committed to offering the best local businesses and will do whatever is necessary to meet users’ requests. However you use our platforms at your own risks.
  • Availability
Platforms offered by WebServiceMarketing brand are updated regularly, modified and can be suspended at any time without notice or responsibility towards you.

5. Content, responsibility and right of use of WebServiceMarketing platforms
Our teams work on the website, webpages and blog contents of WebServiceMarketing brand. We are committed to providing high-quality reliable content relevant to our partners’ services. WebServiceMarketing owns the totality of available content. If you are renting one of our webpages, we may use this content in different ways, including publication, layout modification, integration to articles to showcase it on media platforms. As a result, please note that we own this content which is therefore accessible by every users of WebServiceMarketing brand platforms. As this content is owned by Baptiste Marketing Limited, it is your duty to ask for authorization of use in the following situation: copy, public presentation and showing, reproduction, distribution, translation and analysis. Commercialization of our content is forbidden.

6. Conditions of sales to businesses, Baptiste Marketing Limited’s partners
All terms and conditions of sales , services, fees and payment, representations and warranties , duration and cancellations, disclaimers , limitations of responsibilities and compensation in case of litigation are included in the customer contract.

7. Liens tiers
WebServiceMarketing brand’s webpages may include links towards other webpages to promote other businesses. We fully control those external links and we are responsible for content availability on those other pages.

8. Non responsibility of Baptiste Marketing Limited company
Thanks for reading attentively the “Non responsibility of Baptiste Marketing Limited company” section as it limits Baptiste Marketing Limited company’s responsibility towards you. By accessing or using the website, you have read and understood these terms of use and accept them. By accepting these terms of use, you will waive substantial legal rights. The company’s platform Baptiste Marketing Limited are available “as you are seeing them”. Therefore you shall use the platforms at your own risks. However we are committed to provide high-quality content, checked by our teams. Baptiste Marketing Limited teams accept no responsibility regarding services provided by the partners selected by the company. No written or oral information should be considered as a representation or warranty. Baptiste Marketing Limited has no responsibility in case of damages suffered from linking web users to businesses.

9. General conditions
We reserve the right to modify or interrupt platforms, Terms of Use or any other complementary condition of use applicable to a service provided by Baptiste Marketing Limited without notice or responsibility towards you. Please note that in case of conflict between these Terms and Conditions and other conditions related use, the latter shall prevail. Those terms of Use govern your relationship with Baptiste Marketing Limited company. Baptiste Marketing Limited company is registered in the United Kingdom and submitted to the consequential jurisdiction. By using platforms provided by the company, you accept its legislation. More information on our Legal Notice.

10. Report a technical problem
If you have any question regarding Baptiste Marketing Limited company’s services, you shall contact us by email through the following link: